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Permeable pavers installation complete!

Side Lot Farms was contracted through a Missouri Sewer District grant and have been doing an amazing job with the permeable paving for the One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace!

They excavated the areas surrounding the stage, filled that in with three different sizes of rock and then installed the beautiful red bricks for the patio where the community will be able to watch stage performances.

The permeable pavers allow storm water to drain into the ground, reducing runoff and keeping surrounding waterways cleaner.

Marketplace and Garden, Projects /

Two grants awarded!

We are excited to share some good news with you!

Missouri Waste Management has awarded APEDF a rainscaping grant that will fund permeable pavers for the One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace and Gary Brooks Community Garden!

The pavers, which are part of the plan designed by dtls Landscape Architecture, allow rainwater to drain into the ground, easing the load on the sewer system.

Marketplace and Garden, Projects /

Black Power Blueprint meets with builders on next steps for marketplace and garden

Black Power Blueprint recently met with DERU Architects and Paradigm Builders to finalize plans for laying the concrete walkway and building the stage and stage covering for the One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace and Gary Brooks Community Garden.

This multi-purpose outdoor event space being developed across the street from the St. Louis Uhuru House will be a beautiful destination that fosters community commerce and economic opportunities.

Thanks to our supporters we are one step closer to this vision becoming a reality.