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Enter the Garment Factory Naming Contest!

Support Economic Development and Commerce for and Between African People Worldwide

  • Chance to win R1400 ($100)
  • Enter by midnight June 19, 2021
  • No fee to enter
  • No limit on number of entries per person

This new garment factory is the first major economic institution organized by Black Star Industries in South Africa. We will design, manufacture and sell our own clothing and fabric worldwide. The factory is slated to open in Vaal, Gauteng by 2023.

How to Enter

Submit your proposed name and/or slogan
with a brief explanation of the meaning of your name or slogan.

Include your contact info
First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number

Submit Entries

Mail to:
BSI Naming Contest
8331 Drieziek ext 5
Orange Farms 1841

Whatsapp Text to: (+27) 646-851-229

Email to:

Win R700 ($50) if your name is chosen for the factory
Win R700 ($50) if your tagline / slogan is chosen

For more info, visit the Naming Contest website!

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Volunteers help paint marketplace stage

A huge thank you to the volunteers who contributed to painting the stage in preparation for opening day of the One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market!

Makel, Rebecca and Rhya, as well as One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market project director Ticharwa and Black Power Blueprint outreach coordinator Abdullah.

Together we sanded and painted base coats on the stage. Then volunteers applied the beautiful Congo design that the African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) uses in its institutions across the country.

Left: Black Power Blueprint Economic Development Director Ticharwa Masimba; Right: Black Power Blueprint Outreach Coordinator Abdullah Mohammad
Left: Black Power Blueprint volunteer photographer Rebecca  Center: artist Makel  Right: Rhya created the design stencils
The painted stage at the One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace and Gary Brooks Black Power Community Garden
Marketplace and Garden, Projects /

Volunteers help plant and prepare for painting

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to the work day on May 15: Tarra, Mareay, James, KC, and Ashley, as well as the upcoming One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market coordinators Ticharwa and Marisa, our outreach chair Abdullah, and our promotions and projects coordinators, Penny and Kitty.

Together we sanded the stage to prepare it for painting (painting was postponed due to weather) and planted fruits and veggies (peppers, squash, zucchini, scallions, cucumbers, watermelon and cantaloupe), herbs (parsley, dill) and flowers (aster and marigolds)! All in preparation for our farmers market debuting June 5.

Salutes to Mr. Gary Brooks, longtime North St. Louis resident, the namesake of the Gary Brooks Black Power Community Garden, and the Black Power Blueprint’s master gardener. We were so excited that Mr. Gary was able to visit the garden while recuperating. He shared plans to bring hummingbirds and butterflies into the garden, continuing to bring to life his vision of making this black community space a true “destination.”

“Everything you need you can get from nature.” – Mr. Gary Brooks

Come see the garden at the corner of West Florissant and Alice! Sign up for the garden club!

Check out photos from the May 15 work day in the slideshow below!

Garden and Market Volunteer Day 2021-05-15 Highlights

Marketplace and Garden, Projects /

Water source installed at market site

Black Power Blueprint recently contracted CJ Plumbing to install a water source at the site of the One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace and Gary Brooks Black Power Community Garden.

One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market Coordinator Ticharwa Masimba and community garden volunteer Steve Brooks try the new water pump.
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Thank you to Mettagroup St. Louis!

Representatives from Mettagroup St. Louis accepted the invitation to tour the Black Power Blueprint projects after making a generous donation from their April monthly meeting.

Thank you to Mettagroup St. Louis! Your support, and that of other donors across the country, are forwarding Black Power Blueprint’s projects for self-determination in the African community!

Basketball Court, Projects /

Contribute to the basketball court for GiveSTL Day!

“We believe in the democratic right for control over every aspect of our lives. We think black community control over our basketball court is a fundamental right.” -Chairman Omali Yeshitela

May 6th is Give STL Day — a special giving campaign to support non-profit organizations in St. Louis. Donate to the community basketball court that the Black Power Blueprint is building in North St. Louis! It’s not just building a basketball court, it’s rebuilding our community.

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One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market coming to North St. Louis

In 2020, the African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) applied for and WON a 3-year grant to build a weekly farmers market in the outdoor venue across from the Uhuru House. 

The Farmers Market Team has been hard at work, preparing for the market’s launch in June!

The One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market will support African self-determination, building an anti-colonial economy and connecting the community to black growers and farmers. 

It means that fresh food is coming to North St. Louis!!!

The Farmers Market Team wants to hear from the community about your interest in visiting or selling products at the market. Please take the One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market Community Survey by May 15, 2021.