Black Power Blueprint

Uhuru Jiko Kitchen and Bakery/Café

African Independence Workforce Program

3723 Goodfellow Blvd

Case Study

Case Study

Located in an art deco building that had once been a boat dealership, the Uhuru Jiko is our
most ambitious project yet, to bring African economic and cultural life to this depressed
commercial area, stop gentrification and to build a critical program for our community.

Black Power Blueprint will build a bakery, café, and community commercial kitchen to serve as
the headquarters for Uhuru Foods & Pies, one of the many economic institutions of Black Star
Industries and the African People’s Education and Defense Fund around the U.S.

The large plot of land behind the building will be transformed into another outdoor venue for
events and culture, with seating and an herb garden to supply the café and to sell.

Black Power Blueprint is working on development and funding to make Uhuru Jiko the home of
the African Independence Workforce Program, providing food business skills, work experience,
housing and services for previously incarcerated men and women from our community.

Project work:

  • Purchased 5,000 square foot building with 13,000 square foot land and secured
    landscape architectural plans
  • Build out a full commercial kitchen, café, and training facility with complete
    architectural plans and engineering
  • Purchase bakery café equipment
  • Build outdoor venue with stage, walkways, plants and trees, herb garden and
    café seating area


3723 Goodfellow Blvd




In Progress