Black Power Blueprint

Black Power Square

An innovative vision created from shipping containers

Black Power Square

APEDF purchased two properties with the support of the community at 4007-4009 W. Florissant and demolished the condemned buildings to make way for retail opportunities where none currently exist.

Black Power Square will be a small business center and retail complex. It will support black entrepreneurship, develop small businesses and community commerce, create jobs and return economic prosperity to North St. Louis.

The retail complex will be built from shipping containers – similar to Chicago’s Boxville – a state of the art, innovative approach to building that lends a sleek and modern feel to the area. Various size container storefronts will be leased to grocery and supplies stores, cafes or delis, cooperative artists studios, salons, clothing and consignment boutiques – whatever serves the needs of our community and builds economic empowerment. The retail complex will feature flexible, affordable lease agreements and move-in ready spaces.

Black Power Square will anchor a vibrant commercial core to bolster retail opportunities along W. Florissant from Adelaide Ave to Warne Ave. This will be developed as a distinct business district — a destination spot that will support black businesses, self-reliance, and culture. Creation of this district empowers the black community to not only participate in economic life but have full and equal agency in developing our own economic vision.

Along with Black Power Square, we will build the African National Independence Business Association (ANIBA), a membership organization that provides African people with a directory of African owned and controlled businesses to mutually support. ANIBA will train members with the skills and knowledge needed to grow successful, self-reliant economic enterprises that bring real economic development to our African communities.

Rather than promoting “Buy Black”, Black Power Square will use the slogan “Buy Black Power” to develop and promote economic power in the hands of the African working class, benefiting the entire community.

The mission of Buy Black Power is to unite black businesses, cultural workers, artists and community organizations as a means to break the cycle of economic dependency that is an essential component of colonialism.


4007-09 W. Florissant Ave



Raised to date:  $36,000


In Progress