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African Doula Project Orientations Held to Register New Doula Students

Orientation sessions on March 22 and March 26, 2022 were held in Akwaaba Hall at the St. Louis Uhuru House for students to register for the African Doula Project, one of the newest projects of APEDF and the Black Power Blueprint to improve infant and maternal health in the African community.
APEDF Board President Ona Zene Yeshitela and Zondlile Mpiko, Doula Project  Coordinator presented informational videos on the work and challenges of a doula. Participants had a chance to ask questions and discuss the issues before registering for the Doula and Business Training sessions coming up in April and June of 2022.
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African Doula Project seeks Program Coordinator

The African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) is hiring a Program Coordinator for our African Doula Project.

Coordinate a six-month doula training program in St Louis, Missouri to improve infant and maternal health in the African community. Ensure recruitment and success of 20 students, following an established work plan and timeline for grant goals and objectives.

Oversees project and partner relationships, responsible for promotions and marketing, meeting grant requirements, assists with reports and project evaluation, supervises volunteer staff.

A full job description can be found below.

This position would ideally start in early February. This is a six-month / short-term grant-funded position. It is a part-time hourly position at $20 an hour for 25 hours per week.

Applicants must be able to work from the APEDF office in north St. Louis and travel locally for networking, as this is not a remote position.

To apply, please email or call 314-334-2070.

Job Description


The APEDF Doula Project Program Coordinator, under the supervision of the African Doula Steering Committee in St. Louis, MO. Oversees project and partner relationships, responsible for meeting grant requirements, assists with reports and project evaluation, supervises volunteer staff. Reports to APEDF Board President and Doula Project steering committee.

Essential Functions:

(Essential functions, as defined, may include the following tasks, knowledge, skills and other characteristics. This list of tasks is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY, and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by positions in this class.)


Coordinate a six month doula training program in St Louis, MO to improve infant and maternal health in the African community. Ensure recruitment and success of 20 students, following established work plan and timeline from APEDF for grant goals and objectives.

  • Promote doula training project through community outreach, social media, print media, HTML email announcements, website, blog, signs and other marketing methods that result in recruiting African women to participate in African Doula Project.
  • Implement promotions and marketing plan. Promote program through monthly online and printed calendar, media, internet postings, social media, regular HTML email announcements, website, blog, signs, community outreach and other marketing methods. Assist in designing and distributing promotional literature.
  • Network with community members, organizations, hospitals, nurses, CNA workers, schools, teachers, the healthcare industry, local businesses and others to participate in identifying African women who want training to become a Doula.
  • Create and manage orientation meetings with speakers, calendar and materials to introduce interested participants to the program.
  • Respond to all inquiries regarding signing up for Doula training. Conduct pre-screenings with interested applicants and coordinate with Jamaa Village Doula training coordinator to confirm accepted participants, forward financial scholarship information and other needed information.
  • Create and manage a database of all contacts and donors that inquire about the African Doula Project, and of all accepted doula trainees to record progress to certification completion.
  • Maintain necessary records to meet grant reporting requirements including communicating with Jamaa Village Doula training coordinator to get the statistics needed for reports to the African Doula Project grant funder. Assist with completing final reports to funders.
  • Recruit and supervise 10-20 volunteers to participate in community outreach, event coordination and project evaluation. Work with doula certification candidates to participate in community outreach for education and clients.
  • Coordinate and manage business development training for doula trainees with speakers and materials from APEDF.
  • Conduct clerical duties like answering phones, handling emails, managing print materials, scheduling events, preparing regular reports, organizing files.
  • Maintain all promotional photo storage of events, training and portfolio album. Ensure all events are photographed for promotional use.
  • Attend all meetings of the steering committee of the African Doula Project and present reports on project progress weekly.

Knowledge, Skills, and Other Characteristics:

Agreement with the mission statement and policies of APEDF. Passionate about social justice, economic development and improving the health and well-being of the African community.

Skill in oral communication and effective interpersonal relationships in one-on-one and group situations. Knowledge of the principles and concepts of customer service. Skill in written communications. Skill in supervising and developing volunteers. Knowledge of telephone operations and call handling procedures. Knowledge of social media, blogs, google docs, flickr photo storage and other online promotional tools.

Physical Requirements:

Work may involve light to moderate lifting.


Requires an Associates Degree or Higher or the equivalent work experience, a valid driver’s license.

Experience with developing and implementing project work plans and multiple timelines, and with managing budgets.

Proficient in Google docs, Google spreadsheets and other software programs to manage project, and excellent writing skills, with strong verbal communication skills and strong leadership skills, self-starting and the ability to multitask and delegate responsibilities.

At least two years related experience in marketing, social networking and sales. Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel. Proficiency in graphic design software and HTML email programs such as Mailerlite is a plus.

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Enter the Garment Factory Naming Contest!

Support Economic Development and Commerce for and Between African People Worldwide

  • Chance to win R1400 ($100)
  • Enter by midnight June 19, 2021
  • No fee to enter
  • No limit on number of entries per person

This new garment factory is the first major economic institution organized by Black Star Industries in South Africa. We will design, manufacture and sell our own clothing and fabric worldwide. The factory is slated to open in Vaal, Gauteng by 2023.

How to Enter

Submit your proposed name and/or slogan
with a brief explanation of the meaning of your name or slogan.

Include your contact info
First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number

Submit Entries

Mail to:
BSI Naming Contest
8331 Drieziek ext 5
Orange Farms 1841

Whatsapp Text to: (+27) 646-851-229

Email to:

Win R700 ($50) if your name is chosen for the factory
Win R700 ($50) if your tagline / slogan is chosen

For more info, visit the Naming Contest website!

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Thank you to Mettagroup St. Louis!

Representatives from Mettagroup St. Louis accepted the invitation to tour the Black Power Blueprint projects after making a generous donation from their April monthly meeting.

Thank you to Mettagroup St. Louis! Your support, and that of other donors across the country, are forwarding Black Power Blueprint’s projects for self-determination in the African community!

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One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market coming to North St. Louis

In 2020, the African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) applied for and WON a 3-year grant to build a weekly farmers market in the outdoor venue across from the Uhuru House. 

The Farmers Market Team has been hard at work, preparing for the market’s launch in June!

The One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market will support African self-determination, building an anti-colonial economy and connecting the community to black growers and farmers. 

It means that fresh food is coming to North St. Louis!!!

The Farmers Market Team wants to hear from the community about your interest in visiting or selling products at the market. Please take the One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market Community Survey by May 15, 2021.

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Support for Black Power Blueprint pours in from California

In February, Humble Sea Brewing, located in Santa Cruz, California, released the “Uhuru Means Freedom” collaboration with Uhuru Foods & Pies Oakland.

Humble Sea Brewing put a brownie in a bottle, while Uhuru Foods & Pies put a brownie in a pie. The pairing received rave reviews.

As a result of this collaboration, Humble Sea contributed $5,000 to the African People’s Education and Defense Fund to continue to build the Black Power Blueprint.

What a way to celebrate African History Month!

Uhuru Foods & Pies thanks Humble Sea for this latest collaboration and for introducing Uhuru Foods & Pies to Northern California beer distributors.

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One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market Job Opportunities

The African People’s Education and Defense Fund will be opening the One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market in the summer of 2021!

The market will create an oasis and a blueprint for addressing the issues of concentrated poverty, food apartheid and grave health disparities found in the historically black community of North St. Louis.

It will build capacity for local job creation and instill a community-based approach to black empowerment and economic development.

We know how important your contributions are to making this Farmers Market a reality in our community and we thank you.

The One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market is hiring for these positions:

Position Title: Market Assistant

The Market Assistant is a part-time seasonal position to carry out daily operations of a farmers market including recruiting vendors and building vendor relationships. Assists in maintaining the bookkeeping and records related to merchandise sales, the SNAP/EBT, and wireless processing of sales.

Read the Market Assistant full job description

Position Title: Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is a part-time seasonal position that is responsible for all aspects of volunteer recruitment and training. Responsible for recruiting a team of volunteers who promote the market to the community through flyers, posters and tabling. Responsible for building an onsite farmers market volunteer team who fulfill various duties at the farmers market. Works with the Promotions Coordinator to build the volunteer social media team.

Read the Volunteer Coordinator full job description

Position Title: Promotions Coordinator

The Farmers Market Promotions Coordinator position is a part-time seasonal position responsible for promotions, marketing and advertising the farmers market to the community including a consistent social media presence. Designs all marketing and promotions media. Organizes and maintains relationships with local media outlets such as TV, Radio and Digital news outlets.  Implements a seasonal promotion and outreach plan and builds a volunteer team to carry out functions. Requires experience using design software such as InDesign, PhotoShop or Canva, and the ability to produce marketing/promotional materials such as leaflets, brochures, pamphlets or online newsletters.

Read the full Promotions Coordinator job description and how to apply

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Thank you to Clif Bar!

In the fall of 2019, Val Bisharat and Brian Lemoine from Clif Bar & Company, visited St. Louis to tour the Black Power Blueprint projects which they learned about through their long-term support of the work of Uhuru Foods & Pies in Oakland.

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Message to our Community on the Coronavirus Epidemic

From Ona Zené Yeshitela, President, Black Power Blueprint

During this time when we are all facing grave health and economic threats from the coronavirus epidemic, we want you to know that the Black Power Blueprint and the Uhuru Movement are here for you.

As always the well-being of our community is first and foremost and we hope all of you are taking care of yourselves and your family as best as possible.

We will never stop upholding our commitment to organize to win political and economic power in the hands of the African working class.

We thank all of you who have made literally thousands of donations to the Black Power Blueprint and all our projects with contributions large and small.

Your continued support will put us a long way towards completing our planned projects this year.

You can donate right here at the red “support” button.

During these hard times we continue to fly the giant Red, Black and Green flag across the street from the Uhuru House here in St. Louis as a much-loved, unifying symbol of pride to our people and our struggle for liberation.

We will weather this storm, another bump on the road to African freedom and self-determination.

This is what the Black Power Blueprint and all the institutions and campaigns of the Uhuru Movement are all about.

Though we are now forced to postpone our May 2 date for the launch of our One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace in St. Louis, we will have a vibrant market at the soonest possible time, bringing vendors, culture, produce and economic life to the corner of W. Florissant and Alice Ave. in North St. Louis.

With your support we will be able to get back to work as quickly as possible to complete all planned projects of the Black Power Blueprint for 2020 and to reopen the many other black self-determination institutions that have been impacted by the epidemic.

We are excited to get rolling on our upcoming projects this year:

  • Planting and landscaping at the Gary Brooks Community Garden
  • Holding the One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace in St. Louis
  • Building the outdoor basketball court at W. Florissant and College Ave.
  • Constructing our Uhuru Jiko Bakery and Cafe on Goodfellow Blvd.
  • Launching the African Independence Workforce Program for those re-entering our community from the colonial prison system

Thanks to your support the Black Power Blueprint programs are already making a profound positive impact in St. Louis and around the world.

On this website you can watch powerful videos of several community members who talk about what the Black Power Blueprint means to them.

Our sister organization, the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP), has laid out important information about how to take care of your family and yourself during this time.

AAPDEP is also building Project Black Ankh as our own emergency response system to go into our black communities during times of crisis.

Again, the Black Power Blueprint and all of our related projects will be back up and running as soon as possible, dedicated to transforming our community with your support!

Together we can win. We are winning!

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St. Louis MLK Day of Service

Black Power Blueprint held a dynamic program and volunteer day in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We are carrying the Civil Rights and Black Power struggles of the 60s to today!

We opened with a powerful presentation by Uhuru Movement leader Chairman Omali Yeshitela on the true radical history of Dr. King.

We heard from the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, the African National Women’s Organization, and the Uhuru Solidarity Movement on their open volunteer positions.