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Fourteen African women from North St Louis were trained as doulas by the African People’s Education and Defense Fund at the end of July 2022. This was a first for this Northside neighborhood which is 97% African and where the conditions of birth are so serious that the number of babies that don’t survive the first year of life would fill 15 kindergarten classrooms.

The training was led by Bianca Nash-Miot and Akhmiri Sekhr-Ra, doula trainers from the Commonsense Childbirth Institute. Each new doula will participate in five births each in order to receive their certification.
The new doulas are also receiving business training from APEDF President Ona Zene Yeshitela and Uhuru Movement members Dr. Aisha Fields, Director of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project, Yejide Orunmila from African National Women’s Organization and Director Akile Anai.
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The African Doula Project is supported by a grant from FLOURISH St. Louis/Generate Health and the Missouri Foundation for Health.

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