Black Power Blueprint

Community Basketball Court

4368 College Ave

Case Study

We will create our own outdoor basketball court on newly purchased and cleared land where we demolished another abandoned city-owned building just blocks from the Uhuru House.

Only one in four St. Louis parks have a basketball court. In fact, the city of St. Louis removed courts in four parks in predominantly white communities, reinforcing the city’s racial divide.

Building the court will allow for spirited youth programs, adult pickup games, and leagues, tournaments, and more. This is another APEDF project that improves the well-being of our community and helps close the gap in overall health and life expectancy, including diabetes, obesity and hypertension rates that disproportionately affect African people.

Project work:

  • Build court with hoops and surface
  • Install lighting, fencing, benches and bleachers, sign and mural, water fountains, trash receptacles


4368 College Ave




Estimated completion by July 29, 2022