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African Doula Project Students sponsored by APEDF and The Black Power Blueprint

Here are African People’s Education and Defense Fund’s newest African Doula Project students taking their class photos! These women along with 13 other students will be offering free doula services to 100 families who are planning to get pregnant or who are already pregnant.

These African Doula Project students attended an informational meeting at Akwaaba Hall on May 31st. The doula students signed commitment forms to do online pre-training in June and July, and will be back at Akwaaba Hall for the in person training July 29-31.  

These students will be changing health for black mothers and babies throughout North St. Louis, one birth at a time. 

If you want to be part of this amazing project CALL 314-334-2070 or email


Volunteers Dree Nicole Smith and Starya Pope, two of our new African Doula Project students, get emotional about their new role to serve African women and babies as Doulas in North St.Louis. APEDF and The Black Power Blueprint will save our black women and children. We Will touch One and Touch all.AFRICANDOULAPROJECT@BLACKPOWERBLUEPRINT.ORG OR CALL 314-334-2070