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A tribute to Musa, our fallen warrior

We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing last week of our dear comrade Mustapha Musa Abantu (Malcolm Nathaniel Buries), age 19.

He has been featured many times in our Black Power Blueprint news and updates over the last year, contributing to the renovations of the St. Louis Uhuru House and the land across the street, and MC-ing the Uhuru Halloween Haunted Night.

As the coordinator of outreach for the Black Power Blueprint on the ground in St. Louis, Comrade Musa had a deep love for African people and was profoundly committed to liberation and self-determination for our nation.

Musa brought energy, youth and enthusiasm to the work of the Uhuru Movement.

He led the color guard that raises our 25-foot Red, Black and Green African flag, played the drums with the Freedom Mass Choir and Band, got the word out and sold The Burning Spear newspaper on the streets of St. Louis’ north side.

Musa was also Chair of the Black Power Poetry Night at the St. Louis Uhuru House that was held on Friday, March 22nd (photos below). The house was filled with people who knew Musa and those who wanted to come out to this amazing event to honor his legacy.

Tribute to Mustapha Musa Abantu / Black Power Poetry Night

Abdullah Muhammad, member of the Black Power Blueprint National Steering Committee, served as MC of the Black Power Poetry and Open Mic Night on March 22nd. He introduced a moving video tribute to Musa Abantu.

Ticharwa Masimba, APEDF St. Louis Economic Development Director, who worked closely with Musa, spoke about his tremendous contributions to the work of the Black Power Blueprint and the community.

Uhuru Movement leader Chairman Omali Yeshitela gave a keynote presentation that paid tribute to Musa and addressed the role of culture in forwarding African people’s struggle for liberation.

Talented St. Louis area artists, including vocalists, spoken word artists and a painter, and also the group GBT Babies (who traveled to St. Louis from St. Petersburg, FL) shared their work, as well as their memories and tributes to Musa, with a packed audience at Akwaaba Hall.

We will always remember Musa. He inspires us every day to continue the fight to build political and economic power in the hands of the African working class until victory is won.

Long Live Musa Abantu! Forward his legacy!

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