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The Gary Brooks Community Garden is flourishing!

The corner of Alice St. and West Florissant in North St. Louis, once the site of crumbling buildings, is now home to a beautiful blossoming destination—the Gary Brooks Community Garden and outdoor event space.

From vision to reality! Nothing can stop the African working class from doing for ourselves!

Thanks to YOU we are DOING IT!

Below are some recent photos. Make sure to follow Black Power Blueprint on Facebook and Instagram for more photos and updates.

No matter where we are, African people live under grave conditions with seemingly no relief in sight.

Our communities are starved of genuine economic development, decent housing, healthy food, recreational centers, or even beautiful, usable spaces where we can enjoy each other’s company and celebrate our culture.

The Black Power Blueprint is about taking back everything that’s been stolen from our community to build up our people for a better way of life.

We were once a self-determining people, we will be again! We just need the power!

Support and uplift North St. Louis!