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Outdoor event space taking shape!

Thanks to your support, we are making rapid progress on the One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace and outdoor venue space.

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Concrete poured for stage footing

Paradigm Construction excavated trenches and poured the concrete footing for the outdoor event venue stage.

Forming and pouring the pathways

The skilled crew also excavated, formed and poured concrete for the pathways that were designed to follow ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards.

Ground prepared for permeable pavers

Side Lot Farms excavated the areas surrounding the stage and then filled in ten inches of three different sizes of rock. That will be the foundation for a red brick patio where the community can watch stage performances. The permeable pavers will allow storm water to drain into the ground, reducing runoff and keeping surrounding waterways cleaner.

Antique wrought iron fence acquired

The Black
Power Blueprint organizers and volunteers picked up thousands of pounds
of antique wrought iron fencing from a seller-turned-supporter in St.

working together to load it in a rental van and a trailer lent by our
volunteer Mr. Gary Brooks, we transferred it to our partners at Paradigm
Builders in their warehouse in North St. Louis. Paradigm will be
fabricating the fencing and installing it around the lot for the One
Africa! One Nation! Marketplace!