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One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market Job Opportunities

From Food Desert to Food Oasis! Are you interested in bringing fresh food and commerce to the black community in North St. Louis? The One Africa! One Nation! Farmers Market needs you! Check out these job opportunities!

Position Title: Market Assistant

The Market Assistant is a part-time seasonal position to carry out daily operations of a farmers market including recruiting vendors and building vendor relationships. Assists in maintaining the bookkeeping and records related to merchandise sales, the EBT (food stamps) program and wireless processing of sales. Assists the market manager with periodic reports and inventory. We need excellent customer service skills, strong problem-solving skills and experience or ability to learn use of Google docs, Google spreadsheets, Farmspread and other related software.

$13/hour. Hours vary.

Apply by January 15 at

Position Title: Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is a part-time seasonal position that is responsible for all aspects of volunteer recruitment and training.

  • Responsible for recruiting an outreach team of volunteers who promote the market to the community through flyers, posters and tabling.
  • Responsible for building an onsite farmers market volunteer team who fulfill various duties at the farmers market.
  • Works with the Promotions Coordinator  to build the volunteer social media team.
  • Implements annual recruitment plans.
  • Conducts orientations/trainings for community outreach activities and farmers market volunteer duties.

Must be passionate about recruiting volunteers; be personable, people-oriented, with a positive attitude and have the ability to use computers and internet for word processing, Google docs, Google sheets to maintain volunteers, emailing and posting volunteer listings online.

$15/hr. Hours vary.

Apply at by January 15 at

Position Title: Promotions Coordinator

The Farmers Market Promotions Coordinator position is a part-time seasonal position responsible for promotions, marketing and advertising the farmers market to the community including a consistent social media presence.

  • Designs all marketing and promotions media.
  • Organizes and maintains relationships with local media outlets such as TV, Radio and Digital News outlets.
  • Implements an annual promotions and outreach plan and builds a volunteer team to carry out functions.
  • Develops themes and special market days and assists with Facebook Live sales.
  • Coordinates activities with both the volunteer coordinator and the security/logistics coordinator.

Requires experience using design software such as InDesign, Photoshop or Canva, and the ability to produce marketing/promotional materials such as  leaflets, brochures, pamphlets or online newsletters. Additional computer skills include word processing, Google docs, email and internet, especially familiarity with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media.

$15/hr. Hours vary. 

Apply by January 15 at

Position Title: Website Coordinator

The Farmers Market Website Coordinator position is a part-time seasonal position responsible for developing and maintaining a farmers market website, with experience in e-commerce and online sales platforms. Requires experience in building and maintaining websites through platforms such as Squarespace, WordPress, Weebly, or Dreamweaver. Experience implementing e-commerce sites and scripting such as Square or Shopify. Familiarity with CSS, HTML, javascript, php or SQL.  Provides Live sales support and works with promotions coordinators to update websites with promos and special activities. Will work with the Volunteer Coordinator to build a team to support the farmers market technology needs. Strong problem-solving skills a plus.

$16/hr. Hours vary. 

Apply by January 15 at