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Commercial, 4007-09 W. Florissant Ave

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  • Thank You from APEDF President Ona Zené Yeshitela!
    Uhuru everyone! Because of YOU on #GivingTuesday this past week, the Black Power Blueprint exceeded our goal to raise the funds needed to begin construction on the Community Basketball Court in North St. Louis! Thank you for everything you did to make this happen! Thank you to all of our donors, our volunteers, supporters and … Read more
  • Stacking bricks and removing debris at 4007-09 W. Florissant Ave.
    At the site of the recent demolition of the condemned properties at 4007-4009 West Florissant, Jath Construction works on stacking all the bricks and removing the debris. The African working class getting it done!
  • Thank you volunteers and donors!
    On behalf of the entire Black Power Blueprint team, and African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) Board President Ona Zené Yeshitela, we want to thank all of our volunteers and donors. We want you to see where your money and effort and your time and your energy goes. It goes right into this project, … Read more
  • Demolition of 4007-09 W. Florissant Ave. begins
    On Monday, August 17 – the birthday of Marcus Garvey – we celebrated the expansion of the Black Power Blueprint by starting the demolition of two more properties left to rot for the past 30 years. In its place we are considering building a retail space. These sites will continue our liberation of land for … Read more
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